Vehicle Saftey Check - Wheel Alignment

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The signs of misaligned wheels can be obvious because your car can feel as though it’s pulling to one side of the road, or your steering wheel is shuddering or vibrating.

As well as compromising your vehicle’s safety, it can greatly increase tyre wear, which means it costs you money in the long run because you have to replace tyres well before you need to.
When your wheels are correctly aligned, your car handles better. We use the latest alignment technology so that your wheels are perfectly aligned to steer true and deliver the least wear. And it’s all done efficiently and without blowing your budget.
You should have your wheel alignment checked every time you rotate your tyres — and, of course, when you replace them. If you think your wheels may be out of alignment, your vehicle’s steering doesn’t feel right, or even if it’s simply been a while, let the qualified technicians at your local Bridgestone Select Auto Service store take a look. 
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