Vehicle Safety Check - Suspension

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One of the main systems affecting the overall safety of your vehicle is the suspension system. It can have a huge impact on your braking, steering and tyres.

Your vehicle’s suspension is vital to providing a smooth, comfortable ride even when the road is in poor condition. In fact, your suspension’s most vital function is to ensure all four tyres stay in firm, constant contact with the road surface.
And when that happens, your steering and braking systems are at their most effective.
Even when stationary, there are other tell-tale signs that certain components of your suspension system are worn and should be checked:

•  Vehicle tyres are unevenly worn 
•  Vehicle not sitting level when parked
•  Shock absorbers show signs of fluid leakage
•  Shock absorbers are dented or physically damaged
•  Bushings or mounts are sagged, cracked or distorted
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