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Whether it’s the added strength and capacity of Xtranet™ net or the unique protection of CoverEdge™ netwrap – John Deere Netwrap is what you need to make the most of your silage, hay or straw baling requirements.

John Deere B-Wrap™

John Deere B-Wrap™. It’s the best wrap for your best quality hay. It protects your valuable hay crop from rain, snow, and ground moisture. You get barn-quality hay without the barn. Use B-Wrap™ to preserve your best second or third crop, the hay you need to carry through winter, or the hay you plan to sell. (B-Wrap™ is also great for preserving straw and other crop residues.) B-Wrap™ works with most John Deere 7 Series, 8 Series, and 9 Series Round Balers that are equipped for netwrap. Most balers only need a dealer-installed B-Wrap™ kit.

B-Wrap™ protects your hay (and straw and crop residue) almost like it was stored indoors. The secret is a patented material that features Tama SCM™ Technology. Tama SCM™ Technology does two things. First, it sheds water, keeping rain, snow, and ground moisture from damaging hay quality. Second, Tama SCM™ Technology has microscopic pores that let water vapor, inside the bale, escape.

XtraNet™ netwrap

XtraNet™ is the new generation of high-strength ZEBRA® net and thanks to the easy-view roll pattern, it’s also easier to load rolls and identify the un-roll direction of your bales. Combined with the new Bale+™ manufacturing technology, that uses a special mix of advanced raw materials, John Deere‘s XtraNet™ provides:

  • More net strength (minimum strength > 270 kgf) – for maximum performance, regardless of the crop you want to bale.
  • Ideal roll weight – with the choice of 2800m and 4200m lengths to suit your needs.
  • The long length of the 4200m means two (2) rolls can provide enough netwrap to bale all day, regardless of the round baler you use or the crop you harvest.

John Deere CoverEdge™

John Deere CoverEdge™ is now 3,800 metres long. You can make 15 percent more bales with each roll. A new formulation of advanced raw materials, plus a unique manufacturing process, combine to bring you more metres of CoverEdge™ protection without increasing roll size or roll weight. That’s more operator convenience, and more trouble-free baling without switching rolls.

NEW Plastic Inserts The John Deere CoverEdge™ comes now with cores featuring plastic inserts at the end of the core. The plastic inserts provide increased marketability and compatibility for John Deere CoverEdge™ in competitive balers that utilize a roll support system.

  • Better weather protection – With the bale edges covered, there‘s less opportunity for rain or moisture to penetrate the bale.
  • Reduced crop losses – The smooth edges hold the crop tight to the bale’s surface reducing crop losses and making storage easier and neater.
  • Better silage bales – With the unique elasticated edge threads, CoverEdge™ Netwrap pulls the crop in on the bale shoulders, helping eliminate trapped air when wrapping with film.
  • Better looking bales – Bale contractors, make your customers happier with perfect-looking bales that store and transport better.
  • Easier handling – CoverEdge™ holds crop material inside the bale during transport, so bales look good even after handling.
  • New longer rolls – A roll of John Deere CoverEdge™ goes further than non-genuine alternatives, giving you more value.
  • Low cost per bale – A roll of John Deere CoverEdge™ does cost more than a roll of standard netwrap, but you get so much more. Calculate the cost of net per bale you wrap and you’ll find CoverEdge™ is a great value.

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