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A quality that’s 100 years in the making

John Deere has been an innovator in farm machinery for nearly two centuries. But for the past 100 years, it’s our tractors that have revolutionised agricultural productivity around the world. With one of our utility tractors, you too can transform the productivity on your own property. That’s because 100 years of experience makes all the difference: with engineering, craftsmanship, ease of use and versatility that you can only get from John Deere.

John Deere tractors at 100 - The Legend Runs On

“We never assume something will be all right – we make darn sure it is.”

David King
Manufacturing Engineer



Using state-of-the-art technology, they forge iron and steel, rubber and glass into machines of the highest possible standards. John Deere has a passion for quality engineering - and it shows, in every nut, bolt and weld of our compact utility tractors, and on the faces of the people who are proud to build them.

Built for Australia and New Zealand

We factory-fit every tractor with the correct technology for the region it’s destined for. So when you buy a 1–5 Family Tractor in Australia or New Zealand, you can be sure it has everything you need to operate smoothly and safely from the very start. From mirrors and lights to emission standards, safety warnings and metric nuts and bolts, our people in factories pull out all the stops to make sure you enjoy the best of both worlds: built to USA standards with Australian and New Zealand specifications added. We never compromise.

Quality build

Connect a mower deck video

Refer to Operator’s Manual for full mower deck installation instructions.

Connect a mower deck without leaving your seat

The John Deere AutoConnect™ mowing deck attaches without you getting off your seat. The deck and driveshaft automatically connects when you drive over it. Listen for the two clicks and you are connected. Mowing height can be set by jumping off to quickly change the gauge wheels on the deck. Once they are set you don’t need to adjust them again. And when you want to disconnect, simply lower the deck, flick the lever just above the deck and unlock the gauge wheels, hop back on and safely reverse off the deck. It’s that simple.

Attach a loader in minutes

Our R Series Quik-Park™ loaders are designed for easy, tool-free mounting and removal. The parking stand is attached to the front frame of the tractor and becomes an integral part of the loader during loader operation. To attach, just drive up, turn off the engine, release the hydraulic pressure and safely hop down from the tractor to plug in the colour coded hydraulic hoses. Then get back on, close the latches onto the loader frame on either side and adjust into position with the joystick. And you’re done. It’s as quick and easy as that.

Attach a loader video

Refer to Operator’s Manual for full loader installation instructions.

4WD and differential lock

4WD provides extra traction in challenging conditions and increased pulling power. A differential lock also delivers more on-the-go engagement.

Twin Touch™ pedals

Loader in action

Easy-to-use transmissions

1 & 2 Family – Hydrostatic transmission with Twin Touch™ pedals for ease of use and precise operation.

3 & 4 Family – eHydro™ and PowrReverser™ transmissions available.

eHydro provides an exclusive three range electronic hydrostatic transmission with effortless Twin Touch pedals.

PowrReverser allows clutchless, hydraulic shifting between forward and reverse with a single lever. Available on selected 3, 4 & 5 Family tractors.

Lift and towing hitches

A wide range of efficient and powerful lift and towing hitches, for both the front and rear, increase the versatility of your tractor.

Independent PTO

Forget the days of stopping the tractor and manually engaging the PTO. With the electro-hydraulic PTO you can turn on your implement while you’re on-the-go, to get your work done faster and easier.

Compare E, M and R Series Tractors

E Series Tractors

Affordability without compromise - The E Series offers you everything you’d expect in a John Deere tractor – quality, comfort, convenience and reliability – all at a budget friendly price.

M Series Tractors

Mid-range features, premium value - Take all the incredible attributes of an E Series Tractor, add more power and control and you have the extremely capable M Series. Efficient to operate, built with John Deere quality.

R Series Tractors

Simply the ultimate - A series of tractors with all the quality, versatility, performance and comfort you’ve come to expect from a John Deere. With added premium specifications and deluxe comfort features.


Keep your tractor running like the day you took delivery.

Genuine John Deere Service and Support

From advice and sales to maintenance and repairs, your local John Deere dealer has everything you need to keep your investment running like clockwork.

Our fully qualified John Deere technicians provide world-class service and support for your equipment. So you can rest assured knowing that your equipment is fine-tuned and running like the day you got it.

Plus our genuine parts are also guaranteed for 12 months when installed by a John Deere dealer^.

Nothing Runs Like a Deere™

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