Optimise your Harvest

We are proud to announce that Kassie has accepted a new role within Wickham Flower as our Group Harvester Specialist. In this role Kassie can pursue his passion for harvesters and help ensure we remain the leading supplier of harvesting equipment in the region. During harvest we plan to have Kassie in the field focusing on harvester set up & optimisation. During the cooler months Kassie will focus on the preseason service work and technician training to continue improving our high level of service.

Kassie’s new role allows him to be out in the field working on harvest optimisation to help you get the best performance from your machinery. This not only improves productivity in the field, but also aims to increase yields by reducing grain loss.

As part of having your harvester repairs completed by Wickham Flower, you have the opportunity to have Kassie travel out to your property during harvest and operate your harvester with you. He can correct harvest settings if required, and also bring his grain loss tray to check for any loss and make adjustments required to minimise any loss.
To take advantage of Kassie’s knowledge and experience, contact your local store and have your harvester inspected and repaired ready for harvest.