Generation 4 Display Family software update available

17.2 Software was released on 7 August for Generation 4 displays. Those with software update 17.1 (version 10.8.333-85) can remotely download the new update via their Generation 4 display.

For those with versions pre software update 17.1 please ensure you backup your implement data as it may be lost in the update.

To prevent data loss during updating to software update 17.2 (Generation 4 users only) for any user running pre software update 17.1 (version 10.8.333-85) try taking a screen shot of each implement sub-menu (highlighted by the red box below) via the following method:

Press and hold the top left corner of the display until the display flashes.

Open the menu tab and navigate to the File Manager App under the Systems tab.

Insert your USB and select the Export Data tab inside the File Manager App, the select Diagnostic Data.

Under this sub-menu you can select to export only the screenshots of each implement and which folder to send the images to within your USB.

To see if you have the most current software update on your Generation 4 display follow this method:

Open the menu tab and navigate to the Software Manager under the Systems tab.

You can search for new updates under the Installations & Updates sub-menu.

Or confirm your current software version by comparing the information displayed under the Version Information sub-menu and comparing it to the release notes via Stellar Support1.


Key New Features and Improvements

    Fields and Boundaries

Boundaries can be created by manually driving the perimeter of the field. Alternately the recording screen can be paused whilst you move the vehicle to a new position and start recording again. A straight line will then be generated between the two points, perfect for those straight lengths of boundary.

    Boundary Fill Pattern

Guidance tracks can now be generated from field boundaries. These tracks will display the external boundary, impassable internal boundaries and passable internal boundaries as well as headlands in the Guidance Run page.

A boundary track can be generated from the Client Farm Field page. This track utilizes adaptive curve logic and will populate the field with a guidance track to the left and right of the boundary and will automatically populate additional track lines as you drive closer to the centre of the paddock.

Straight tracks can also be added to create a boundary fill track utilizing traditional methods of straight track creation.

    Swap Track

Operators can now switch between an active guidance line to the next closest guidance line in their track list using the Swap Track button.

      iTEC Recommendations (AutoLearn)

When AutoLearn is toggled on, the iTEC system will learn every action that the operator takes. When the same patterns of actions are found, AutoLearn creates a new sequence with these actions and recommends that it be assigned to an iTEC button for simplified use.

     Precision Ag Controller Updates

Precision Ag Controllers can be updated through the Gen 4 CommandCenter or 4640 Universal Display USB port. The apps that can be updated are: GreenStar Rate Controller, GreenStar Rate Controller Dry, StarFire 3000, StarFire 6000, iGrade and Active Implement Guidance. Controller software can be loaded to USB from GSLive Update using the same steps as done when updating controllers through the GS3 2630 Display.

   Generation 4 Extended Monitor

An extended display option is now available. The extended display utilizes existing an existing Gen 4 Display’s processor to display multiple run pages at one time. Please note that Extended Monitor is not a configurable option in Dual Display Settings.