Ride & Drive September 2018

With the sun shining and the sky clear, the first day of our 2018 Ride and Dive event was shaping up to be a great day out. Starting at lunch time on the 26th of September, we served up a barbeque and fed many hungry farmers before they took off in whichever machine they came to see – from vehicles and gators to tractors and sprayers, we test drove until the sun went down.

Although the weather seemed a little gloomier at 8am on the second day, it didn't stop our customers from flooding through the gates once more. We greeted another mass of eager farmers on the Thursday, with it being no surprise that the majority made their way to Moorex just as the snags and burgers were turned for the last time.

The hustle and bustle of the day seemed to never end, you could stand at the marquee at any given time and you would see a John Deere tractor with implements in tow, JCB’s tearing around the ground, and a gator flying off towards one mound of dirt or another.

We watched in anticipation as the BT-50’s and Navara’s took on the 4WD track, we even held our breaths as Wayne and his passengers drove towards a 90 degree peak and momentarily came to a halt.

The sprayers were a popular attraction too. Competitive natures came to show when both the John Deere R4060 and Goldacres G6 were on site, booms were unfolded and re-folded, odometers were put to the test, and farmers contemplated which was the better machine.

With over one hundred people through the gates, and everyone leaving with a smile, we were quite pleased with the results of the event. A big thank you to all of our hard-working employees and loyal customers for making the two days a huge success, we look forward to many more eventful Ride and Drives to come.