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Wickham Flower & Co has been serving south east South Australia and Western Victoria since 1931. We are the leading agricultural equipment and motor vehicle supplier of the area. Our goal is to sell quality motor vehicles, equipment, parts & service at a competitive price & deliver them on time.

We were recently selected for the “John Deere Managers club” for the second consecutive year.

Launched on the 4th of September, the Speedtiller® Powerflex™ is a one-pass tillage solution, which was developed in response to the issue of rollers clogging in wet sticky soils. It is designed for more consistent depth control in sandy soils. Farmers are able to use this machine for both shallower cereal and canola stubbles, and for heavy duty work.

Speedtiller® Powerflex™ incorporates many beneficial features including:

  *   Wider spacing between the front and rear discs, enabling increased trash flow and reducing the plugging effect of wet sticky soils
  *   The forward placement of the wheels gives the operator the ability to take weight off the rollers
  *   The adjustable wing pressure, gives the ability to transfer weight from the centre of the machine to the wings, providing even digging pressure across its total width
  *   Excellent floating ability, both rollers and frame can be put in float mode for exceptional ground working ability in uneven terrain
  *   This machine is designed to fold for narrow transport, further enhancing its efficiency

These award winning machines are available from Wickham Flower,
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